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Digital Diagnostic: Are you ready for a digital-first world?

How is your digital strategy working for you today, tomorrow, next year? Are you able to quickly adjust and adapt to changing consumer behaviors and unforeseen challenges? A digital diagnostic helps retailers and brands evaluate digital strategies and pinpoint areas of improvement to best position themselves for success in a post-COVID-19, digital-first world.

In our pre-recorded conversation about digital diagnostics, Kathy Kimpled, Chief Retail Officer, FitForCommerce and Amit Shah, Chief Strategy Officer, VTEX discuss the importance of evaluating the performance of your digital and marketplace strategy. They share tips on how to identify opportunities and quick wins, as well as insights on key areas that most frequently surface during B2C and B2B diagnostics.


Kathy Kimple

Chief Retail Officer

Amit Shah

Chief Strategy Officer & US General Manager

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