The 2020 B2B Marketplace Report

Data and analysis on how B2B digital marketplaces are changing the way companies buy and sell goods and services.

COVID-19 continues to disrupt all aspects of B2B ecommerce, and that includes marketplaces. VTEX and the editors of Digital Commerce 360 teamed up to explain how and why B2B marketplaces are making a huge and permanent impact on digital commerce.

Download your copy of the THE 2020 B2B MARKETPLACE REPORT and learn why many B2B companies are creating their own marketplace ecosystems:

  • Quickly expand product assortment without owned inventory, supply chain and fulfillment costs.
  • Manage channel complexity by making it easy for customers to find what they want, and buy from a local dealer.
  • Gain Inventory visibility and price transparency across their network of dealers and distributors.
  • Control the brand and customer experience and deliver seamless buyer journeys.

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